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Welcome to BSMC Power

Free Cooling Unit Manufacturers & Suppliers

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Compressor Less Cooling Solutions for Telecom Networks.

Free Cooling Unit is BSMC Air handling solution that uses the Outside air to cool the Inside Electronics and Electrical system. It is basically to handle the outside air smartly with our Intelligent “Microprocessor based Controller” to ensure the designated temperature inside the room.

Free Cooling Unit - Benefits :

Free Cooling Unit Manufacturers & Suppliers
  • Lower investment cost
  • Very low maintenance
  • A robust green cooling solution for emergency and ordinary cooling
  • Less running time on AC units and longer life time
  • Less maintenance over the year
  • Less battery malfunction and guarantied life time control
  • 48 V Emergency cooling without need to run diesel generators
  • Very large energy savings
  • A positive investment payback
  • Meets ETSI specifications
  • Environmentally in forefront

How it works Free Cooling Unit Works

Free Cooling Unit Manufacturers & Suppliers
  • FCU - (Free Cooling Unit) is equipped with Microprocessor based control unit to precisely control the operation of the Cooling Unit, Air-conditioner and Generator of a Telecom site. Suitable temperature sensors and intelligent interface with the Air conditioning equipment, Generator ensures these are Switched ON when absolutely necessary to minimize power consumption.
  • When the ambient temperature is >2-4 °C lower than inside, the heat load inside the shelter is transferred outside through mass transfer between air inside and outside. Free cooling results in reducing the operating time of air conditioner (AC), lengthening the life of AC and saving the energy.
  • Specially designed auto operated dampers to restrict outside air contact when not in use.
  • Specially designed air filters provide clean air, fitted with pressure sensor to generate alarm when filters are chocked.
  • -48V DC operated speed control fans to control the set temperature inside the shelter.

Free Cooling Unit - Salient Features

Free Cooling Unit Manufacturers & Suppliers
  • Electronic Clean Room Environment
  • Energy savings up to 80% with free cooling
  • Emergency cooling
  • Monitors indoor shelter & outdoor air temperature
  • Speed Controlled DC Fans to maintain set temperature
  • Generator & Air-conditioner control
  • Microprocessor controlled system for automated and optimized operation
  • Light Weight and easy transportation
  • Robust design
  • Dampers to block outside air contact, when not in use
  • Specially designed air-filters to provide clean air
  • Fitted with pressure sensor to generate filter chocke alarm

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News & Event

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