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Welcome to BSMC Power

Outdoor & Indoor Cabinets

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BSMC designed outdoor enclosures IP level are meant to be used in unprotected outdoor/street side environments. The family of outdoor cabinets & enclosure systems has been carefully engineered to combat with the tropical climate having dust, heat or humidity & they are vandal-resistance.

BSMC outdoor enclosures [cabinets] provide reliable and long term protection to install IT, electrical, electronics and telecommunication equipment through rugged design and usage of high quality raw materials. They are widely being used with Telecommunications and Gas and Oil Industry.

Outdoor and Indoor Cabinets Outdoor and Indoor Cabinets Outdoor and Indoor Cabinets

Technical Features


  • Polyester powder coat RAL 7035 for a high level of corrosion resistance in warm, humid climates, including outdoor & long term use.
  • Coating will resist to Mineral oils | Lubricants | Machining Emulsions | Solvents | Alkaline
  • Properly de-greased & cleaned before application of paints finish.

Assembly process

Due to its stringent processes, all MS/stainless sheets and components are carefully selected for outdoor applications with power and thermal management.

Outdoor enclosure specifications

  • Double Skin Panel : MS double skin panels are designed to allow movement of air between the outer skin and the main cabinet to minimized the transfer of direct solar heat load onto the cabinet maximum air flow for best thermal management.
  • Door stopper and IP seal gasket
  • Door switch
    Locking mechanism : Security type 3-point roller and level type locking systems ensure full door-to-seal contact and vandal resistance. Cable Glands: Various types of IP cable glands are pre-specified and installed onto the base plate. These will allow immediate cable termination at site without drilling and applying of messy sealant
    Accessories : • Document holder • Desk top workstation
Outdoor and Indoor Cabinets Outdoor and Indoor Cabinets Outdoor and Indoor Cabinets

Thermal management

Open Loop System, Efficient Fan Cooling

  • Generally low cost
  • No change of directly of air between entry and exit
  • Good static Pressure and moderate air flow performance
  • Can be difficult to use in variable speed applications
  • Trends to have acoustic noise output

Closed Loop System, heat Exchanger HX

  • Used when the equipment has to be sealed from the Ambient environment
  • Relatively low cost as compared to Air-Con (ACU), butmore expensive than axial fan
  • Must have a positive Δ T . i.e. – low ambient temperature

Closed Loop System, Air-con unit ACU

  • To seal the equipment from ambient environment
  • Can achieve negative Δ T . i.e. – lower than ambient temperature
  • Relatively expensive
  • High power consumption
  • Less reliable
  • Higher maintenance cost

Closed Loop System, Thermoelectric cooling (TE)

  • Used when the equipment has to be sealed from the Ambient environment
  • Same module offers both heating and cooling capability
  • Can achieve negative Δ T . i.e. – lower than ambient temperature
  • Relatively low cost as compared to Air-con
  • Lower power consumption
  • High reliability due to solid state construction
  • Low or no maintenance cost
  • No noise, no vibration, compact in size
  • Limited to small to medium size cabinet

Closed Loop System, Thermoelectric cooling (TE)

  • In a system with two dissimilar metal junctions, heat can be absorbed at one junction and discharged at the other when an electric current flows in the closed circuit. A thermoelectric cooler consists of two or more semiconductor couples connected electrically in series and thermally in parallel.
  • This arrangement causes heat to move through the cooler in one direction only while the electrical current moves back and forth alternately between the top and bottom substrates through each N and P type element.

Salient Features

  • IP 55 level and above Protection.
  • Available Mountable Height from 12U to 47U
  • Height range from 1000mm to 2100 mm.
  • Width from 600 to 1000 mm & Depth from 400 mm to 1000 mm.
  • Wall or floor mounted
  • With and Without Air-Con
  • Ensured extremely tight sealing against ingress of water & dust- beyond IP55 level.
  • 1, 2, 3 & 4 bay units with hinged 19” frame & battery banks compartment with heavy duty stand.
  • Filters at doors have filter covered with mask for fresh air, DC48V fans, each of 2350 cubic meter per hour (1450 CFM) mounting at top of each bay & above battery trays to pull large volume of hot air out of the cabinet & blow it out.
  • The enclosure base plinth comes with lockable covers for cable assess.
  • 1 bay unit on side (optional) for access battery bank
  • Mounting kit for 19” and ETSI configuration
  • Internal mounting in accordance with IEC 297 (19”), EIA-RS-310-D:Standard for rack mount.

Product Range

News & Event

IMEWE has again rewarded BSMC and signed the O&M contract for another 5 years courtesy its dedicated and prompt services.

BSMC has signed O&M contract with TGC, Venzuela for comprehensive service contract for landing stations at Cuba and Venezuela