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Welcome to BSMC Power

Site Infrastructure & Power Management System Suppliers

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Site Infrastructure & Power Management System or SIMS, is a combination of various Functional Blocks, that facilitates management of Unmanned Telecom Sites. This is a complete standalone site manager which makes maximum Utilization of Grid Power. BSMC Power Systems India are one of the most trusted Site Infrastructure Management System (SIMS) suppliers worldwide. This can be ordered with various combinations to suit every site or need. Built in Class-B & C Lightning and Surge protection, RFI/EMI/EMC/EFT filters. SIMS meets international standards i.e. CE, UL etc.

Glimpse of Site Infrastructure & Power Management System or SIMS advantages

Site Infrastructure Management System (SIMS) Suppliers
  • CAPEX Optimization
  • Eliminates all discrete blocks such as AVR+IT, Generator ATS Panel, Surge Arrestors, Air-conditioner controller, AC Distribution etc.
  • Saving on OPEX
  • Minimizes Generator Run Time by utilizing Grid Power even if two phases are available
  • Does battery cycling by precisely observing battery voltage and shelter temperature.
  • No Human Intervention after Installation.
  • Fully Integrated Unit allows faster network rollout.
  • Minimizes bulky & lengthy cable routing & terminations.
  • Remote Site Status Communication on 5 hand phones and two remote servers/computers/laptop
  • Available in various capacities (7.5, 10, 12.5, 15, 17.5, 20, 30kVA)

Site Infrastructure Management System (SIMS)  - Technical Specifications

Functional Blocks

  • Phase Selector
  • Class-B & Class-C Lightning & Surge Protection
  • Static Line Conditioner & Isolation Transformer
  • Automatic Transfer Switch (ATS) & Generator Management
  • Air-conditioner controller
  • Alarm Management & Event Logging
  • AC Distribution
  • Site Status Communications & Management Functions

Phase Selector

  • Selects the best available phase(s)
  • Three Phase Delta Input –P-P Output
  • Three Phase Star Input –P-N Output
  • HVD / LVD / Overload protection
  • Hysterisis and time delay to prevent hunting Stabilizers for contactor drive

Lightning & Surge Protection

  • Class B & Class C protection

Static Line Conditioner Unit (LCU)

  • SCR based -robust performance
  • High correction speed (10 m sec) with no moving parts
  • Isolation Transformer included
  • Wide Input Range (170V –480V)
  • 1 or 2 LCU’s per system
  • Ratings 5 / 7.5 / 12.5 /15 kVA

Main Controller

  • Single 1 or 3 phase generator
  • Generator protection
  • Battery cycling function
  • Thermal management function
  • Alarm management & logging
  • Optional Air Conditioner Control
  • Programmable –MMI / GUI / GPRS


  • AC distribution –customized

Infrastructure Management System

  • GSM based wireless communication platform
  • Seven digital inputs for legacy alarms
  • SMS to up to 2 monitoring servers & 5 hand phones
  • In-built non-volatile memory for storing parameters
  • Additional 6 relay contacts can be operated in a secure manner
  • Extensive Top & Bottom ’n’reports for management analysis
Site Infrastructure Management System (SIMS) Suppliers

Salient Features

  • Dual Generator Interface
  • Saving in space & Installation
  • High/Low Voltage Disconnection
  • Inbuilt Isolation
  • Highly Efficient Static AVR
  • High Reliability & improved MTBF
  • Better M2M interface through menu driven panel
  • GSM/CDMA modem based storage/transfer of performance data for records/analysis
  • Remote monitoring & history tracking
  • Easy analysis & maintenance management
  • Easy installation and maintenance

Product Range

News & Event

IMEWE has again rewarded BSMC and signed the O&M contract for another 5 years courtesy its dedicated and prompt services.

BSMC has signed O&M contract with TGC, Venzuela for comprehensive service contract for landing stations at Cuba and Venezuela