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Welcome to BSMC Power

Cable Landing Station

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Providers of Specialized, Professional and Dynamic Infrastructure Solutions to the Telecommunications Industry.

        Data Processing Environments.

·         Fiber Optic Cable Landing Stations.

        Transmission Infrastructure.

        Power Supply Infrastructure

        Network Monitoring

        Environment Control

        Information System Infrastructure

        Network Support Equipment

        Civil Infrastructure And Site Utilities


Multifunctional and flexible site configurations to suits specific needs of client. 

·         Civil Engineering

o   Pre fabricated Solutions
o   Conventional brick & mortar solutions.                                                                                               

·         Structural Engineering

·         Mechanical Engineering

·          Electrical Engineering

o   Power Infrastructure – Energy Centre’s

o   Uninterruptable Power Supply (UPS) & Distribution

o   Prime power or Standby Generators

o   Distribution Boards

o   High Voltage Transformers

o   DC Power Systems

o   Diesel Storage Facilities

o   Cable Management Systems


·          Network & Environmental Engineering

o   Network Monitoring Systems

o   Routers, Switches and Hubs

o   Structured Cabling

o   Mobile Base Stations

o   Fire Suppression Systems

o   Cooling Systems


·          Project Management

Product Range

News & Event

IMEWE has again rewarded BSMC and signed the O&M contract for another 5 years courtesy its dedicated and prompt services.

BSMC has signed O&M contract with TGC, Venzuela for comprehensive service contract for landing stations at Cuba and Venezuela